How to pick up a girl in a nightclub

The nightclub is one of the best places to easily and quickly meet girls.

However, there still are some difficulties: it’s always very noisy inside the club, there are too many people, there is a high risk of “dangerous acquaintances”, and most importantly, many girls do not take dating in such places seriously.

If you are confused by picking up a girl in the club, it is much easier to find your soul mate online: today there are a million sites made for that. However, it is best to use a full-fledged social dating network. For example, such websites as Bebemur are modern, convenient solutions for easily and quickly meeting people around the world, that offer a flexible system of features for communication.

If you are not afraid of the difficulties of dating in nightclubs, we will give you some advice in order to succeed in this business!

How to understand that a girl is ready to meet someone?

Well, if she:

• sits at the bar for a long time, sipping a cocktail;

• looks around, staring at people;

• laughs cheerfully and loudly, tries to attract attention;

• discusses the guys with her friends;

• is beautifully dressed and has a bright makeup;

• wears high heels;

• willingly talks to people, smiles, and flirts, then she is definitely ready for a new adventure.

Pick-up tips

Depending on the part of the club where you‘ve met a girl you like, there are various approaches that will help you draw the girl’s attention, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation.

On the dance floor

You can be dancing close to her, then turn to her and try to interact with her while dancing. If a girl responds to such a flirtation, then you can move on. When she gets tired of dancing, come up and talk to her:

• tell her she’s a good dancer;

• compliment her appearance;

• strike up a conversation about her, try to get her phone number;

• continue communicating with her.

At the entrance

There may be a queue at the entrance to the club. If you like a girl, but she has some problems with entering the club, then you can help her to get inside (this is the perfect option, but you have to have friends among the security guys.

Other options:

• let the girl go first, open the door for her, etc.;

• help her with her coat, check in her coat, etc.

At a table or bar

If a girl is sitting alone at the bar, you can sit down next to her and ask her some simple questions like “Why are you sitting here alone?”, “Why are you sad being at a party?”, “Why such a beautiful girl is not having fun tonight?”.

Depending on the answer, decide whether you should continue the conversation or not:

A. if she replies that she is waiting for a guy to pick her up, etc., it is better to politely end a conversation;

B. if the girl laughs it off, says that she is waiting for a friend, etc., you can continue talking to her:

  • ask her what she likes or what she would like to drink or eat;
  • make some jokes about the club, party, or people around;
  • defuse the conversation with a joke, ask the girl about her;
  • take a phone number.

If a girl with a group of friends is sitting at a table in the club:

• send a group of girls from yourself champagne / wine, etc. Thus, you can win over not only the chosen one, but also her friends;

• after a while, approach the ladies and ask if they liked the present;

• start a conversation with all the girls, trying to stay close to the one you like;

• during the conversation, unobtrusively find out if she has a boyfriend; • if not, continue the conversation, ask for a phone number.