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  • There are many kinds of balloons you can buy

     Latex Balloons  The most common types of latex balloons include “pastel”, “metal”, pearl” and “crystal”: “pastel” balloons are matte and offer the most diverse palette of colors; “metal” and “pearl” are distinguished by shiny, metalized surfaces; Balloons “crystal” are transparent and have the brightest balls with saturated colors.  Pastel balloons are regarded as the most […]

  • How to pick up a girl in a nightclub

    How to pick up a girl in a nightclub

    The nightclub is one of the best places to easily and quickly meet girls. However, there still are some difficulties: it’s always very noisy inside the club, there are too many people, there is a high risk of “dangerous acquaintances”, and most importantly, many girls do not take dating in such places seriously. If you […]

  • London Music Club

    London Music Club

    With three unique stages full of live music, London Music Club is one of London’s prime venues to hear a variety of local & nationally acclaimed artists. The Front Room is an intimate “folk club” style room primarily for solo or duo acts. The Big Hall is a big “banquet hall” style room for larger groups and special musical events. The Cellar […]