25 Fascinating Facts about Games That Will Surely Impress You

Computer games – are one of the main passions of the 21st century. If you like to spend a few hours in front of the computer, enjoying your favorite game, then you will be interested to read this article. We would like to bring to your attention 25 fascinating facts about games that will definitely impress you.

  1. Initially, Lara Croft was meant to be called Laura Cruz.
  2. In China, it is forbidden to play games where one has to kill other people.
  3. The very first computer game was made in 1961 by a student Steve Russell. It was called Space Wars.
  4. There are several cases when people simply died from exhaustion due to the long-continued playing in the MMORPG (World of Warcraft, Lineage 2). Also, there have been some cases of clashes between the clans in real life, sometimes even with dire consequences.
  5. The game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was banned in South Korea, as it shows the ruined capital of Korea (Seoul).
  6. Dmitry Medvedev admitted that Angry Birds is his favorite game on the iPad.
  7. The best-selling game ever is Tetris. In total, more than 40 million copies of this game have been sold.
  8. Electronic Arts is the largest developer of computer games. Every year, this company produces games worth more than $3 billion.
  9. Licensed disks of FIFA 2001 game had a whiff of grass.
  10. Mario has no last name.
  11. The Sims has been in the top ten best-selling UK games for two years.
  12. The name of the BFG weapon in the game DOOM stands for Big Fucking Gun. But in the film, due to censorship, it was translated as the Bio Force Gun.
  13. In 2011, a 46-year-old man from Plymouth, England, attacked a 13-year-old child because the kid killed him too many times in a video game.
  14. The release of Halo 2 was postponed due to the fact that one of the developers hid the image of his buttocks in the game.
  15. GTA Sun Andreas entered the Guinness Book of Records as the game with the largest number of actors – 861, 174 of them are professional actors, and 687 are just extras from among the fans of this game.
  16. In South Korea, it is considered illegal if a child under 16 years of age plays video games after midnight.
  17. The crystal structure of the AIDS virus was deciphered within 10 days with the help of the online video game Foldit. This problem has puzzled scientists for 15 years.
  18. It has been proven that the Sparx video game developed for treating depression works better than consulting a specialist.
  19. There is a group of Minecraft players who work tirelessly to recreate all the Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings).
  20. The 2005 Football Manager game was banned in China because it referred to Tibet and Taiwan as independent countries. After a while, the developers released a customized version of the game, where these countries were described as a part of China, in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese government.
  21. Starcraft is a national e-sport in South Korea.
  22. One Chinese man hired several cyber killers to murder the avatar of his son in the World of Warcraft.
  23. Russian gangsters and Colombian cartels are known to use massively multiplayer role-playing games such as World Of Warcraft to launder money. Online games are a good opportunity where to find girls online.
  24. Eminem was once in the top 20 best players in the world in the video game Donkey Kong.
  25. The creators of the Dragon Lair game used Playboy magazines to create the princess’s character.